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Free Lemon Case Evaluation*

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There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a car or truck from a dealership only to be forced to contend with constant problems. You depend upon your vehicle to transport you to work and to get you and your family wherever you need to go, and if you are continually having issues, you may be driving a lemon. By consulting a lemon law attorney from our firm, you can determine your rights as a consumer and decide the best course of action for your family to take.

Our talented team can help you understand your state's laws and the appropriate measures needed to ensure the manufacturer or dealer cannot claim that you had unauthorized repairs done that are not covered under your warranty. We will work with you to assess your options and provide you with the support and experienced advocacy you need to seek a fair settlement. If you suspect your vehicle is a lemon, please contact a lemon law lawyer from our team or take a few moments to fill out the case evaluation form below for a free consultation.