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National Lemon Law Center

State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Law protect consumers from being stuck with Lemon Cars, Lemon Trucks, Lemon SUV's and Lemon Computers and other Consumer Products. Research your  State's Lemon Law or get a  Lemon Law Consultation from experienced consumer protection attorneys in your State. If your car or computer is a lemon, you may be entitled to your money back, a replacement or a cash settlement. So you have nothing to lose, except that Lemon! The National Lemon Law Center gives consumers access to their  state's lemon law and provides links to resources and consumer protection attorneys.


Lemon Law Attorney

Driving a lemon? Contact a lawyer today!

If you think that you may be driving a lemon, you have the right to take legal action! A lemon law attorney can evaluate your situation and determine whether you may be eligible to get a full refund on your car - or a new car altogether!

Understanding your legal rights if you own or are leasing a defective vehicle or other product can help you take the appropriate action to finally end the hassle and expense associated with your lemon. Depending on the state where you live, you may be able to get a refund of all the money you have spent on your defective product or may even be able to receive the full MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) from the responsible party, whether this is the manufacturer, retailer or other party.

By contacting a lemon law lawyer at our company, you have the opportunity to find out how you can approach your particular situation and begin the process of taking the legal recourse that is your right. Rather than trying to get help from the dealer or manufacturer, get a legal professional who can fully protect your interests and rights even in the face of shady or unethical tactics by these parties.

At the National Lemon Law Center our affiliated attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of those who have been stuck with a lemon. We offer a way to connect you with skilled and aggressive representation throughout the entire U.S. Best of all, your representation may be entirely free. We strive to keep the representation you receive free. This means that you would not be charged for any out of pocket legal fees. Instead, our affiliated lawyers would seek compensation from the manufacturer or dealer, pursuant to State and Federal Lemon Laws.

You do not have to keep driving that lemon! You can fill out the quick lemon law case evaluation form to provide us with what we need to know, so we can notify you of what your options are. As a consumer, you have particular rights that are protected under the law. Our affiliated lemon law lawyers can fight to protect these rights.

Driving a lemon? What You Can Do

There are specific actions you can take if you are experiencing problems with a lemon vehicle:

  • Keep detailed records of any and all repairs, and keep receipts from each visit to the mechanic.
  • Whenever there is a problem, it's best that you take it directly back to the dealership. Many states require a certain number of visits and the records of these can be used to prove that you have a lemon.
  • Talk to an attorney as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to consult an attorney before you take your vehicle to an outside repair shop, as the dealership or manufacturer may use these visits as a reason to deny responsibility or to say that repairs were not done completely and properly.
  • Once you hire a lemon law lawyer, do not discuss your case with anyone outside of the law office. Certain things that you say or do may be used against you in your case.

Why a lemon law attorney?

If you have been having continued problems with your car, truck or computer, it is important that you  consult a lemon law attorney immediately or simply call us at (877) 315-3666. You can find out what your rights are and can be sure to take the appropriate actions so the manufacturer or dealer cannot try to claim that you had repairs done at an unauthorized mechanic or that certain repairs are not covered under warranty. Before trading in your vehicle or your computer, it is important that you discuss your options with an attorney. Your attorney can negotiate with the manufacturer to secure a settlement on your behalf or can assist you in getting a replacement - all while protecting your interests under State and Federal Lemon Laws.

At the National Lemon Law Center our affiliated, experienced lawyers understand how Federal and State Lemon Laws apply to your Lemon Law claim. We represent clients throughout the U.S. and can apply our knowledge of the lemon laws in your area to fully protect your interests. Each state's laws are different, and every client's situation is different. It is always our goal to address your particular concerns and therefore maximize your recovery.

More About Lemon Law

State Lemon Laws  and Federal Warranty Law protect consumers from being stuck with lemon cars or lemon trucks that have defects or a combination of defects that cannot be repaired in a reasonable amount of time or with a reasonable number of repair attempts. If you are stuck driving a lemon SUV, you may be dealing with a defective engine or transmission, or it may be that your SUV has irreparable mechanical issues with its navigation system. The National Lemon Law Center gives drivers and consumers the right to address concerns with auto vehicles, lemon computers and a variety of other consumer products. Our law firm has the skill to investigate your situation in order to accurately evaluate what plan of action needs to be taken. Don't hesitate to contact a lemon law attorney to learn what rights you have under the law. You can research your state's lemon law or get a free lemon law consultation from an affiliated, experienced consumer protection attorneyin your state. If your car or your computer is a lemon, you may be entitled to your money back, a replacement or a cash settlement.

You have nothing to lose, except that lemon! The National Lemon Law Center gives consumers access to their state's lemon law and provides links to consumer protection attorneys. Don't wait another minute to consult us and find out what you can do about your lemon. We offer a free consultation and are standing by to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Contact a lemon law lawyer today!