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At the National Lemon Law Center we are committed to helping consumers obtain proper compensation when they are sold a lemon car, truck, or computer. We understand that you and your family are too busy to constantly deal with defective products and malfunctioning parts, but there are legal options that allow you to hold the dealer or manufacturer liable for selling you a lemon. Federal Warranty law and state lemon laws protect the rights of consumers, and our knowledgeable team can provide you with the support and representation you need to take action.

A talented lemon law lawyer from our firm can assess your situation through a free consultation. We will work with you to determine how you can seek compensation under your state's laws, and guide you through the process. Some manufacturers may argue that you had unauthorized repairs done or that your issues are not covered under the warranty, but the National Lemon Law Center will help you speak up and defend your rights. If you believe you purchased a lemon, do not hesitate to contact our helpful team today!

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