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Frequently Asked Questions

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Lemon Law FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a “lemon”?

A lemon is best defined as a product that has defects or nonconformities and which cannot be repaired within a reasonable amount of time or a reasonable number of repair attempts. Generally speaking, a person with a car, truck, SUV, computer or appliance with a warranty may seek lemon law relief after seeking multiple repairs or noticing problems with the product. It is safe to say that if you are visiting this page and are dealing with the stress and hassle of a defective product that you may have a lemon on your hands.

Do lemon laws only apply to motor vehicles?

Although most people think of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles when considering lemon laws, other consumer products may be covered as well. Electronics, appliances and similar products may also be covered under your state's lemon laws, depending on where you live. 

How do I know if I have a claim?

This will vary depending on a number of factors. Your state’s lemon law as well as federal lemon law will dictate whether you may seek legal relief and what form of relief you may qualify for. Determining what qualifies as defects and what constitutes a reasonable number of repairs may vary based on a number of factors, and this may even be open to interpretation.

Why do I need a lemon law attorney?

While you can try to resolve this situation yourself, it is highly recommended that you consider consulting a lemon law attorney. The dealership or manufacturer may try to deny any liability or may offer you a settlement that is below what your case is actually worth. An attorney will know what laws apply to your case and can protect your interests through the life of your claim – whether it is settled out of court or if going to trial is necessary.

What will it cost to work with a lemon law attorney?

Fortunately, it will cost you nothing to work with a lemon law lawyer found through the National Lemon Law Center. You won't be charged for any out-of-pocket legal fees becuase we focus on recovering our compensation from the manufacturer or dealership. Your initial consultation with us is also free!

What are the possible outcomes of my lemon law claim?

Depending on your unique situation, you may be able to receive a cash settlement or a replacement vehicle. The manufacturer or dealership may also offer to buy the product back from you.

Do federal lemon laws cover older vehicles? 

Although some state lemon laws only cover new vehicles to a certain mileage, federal lemon laws do not have a mileage limit. Even if a vehicle is not new, an owner who has a lemon on his or her hands may seek relief under federal lemon laws. 

What relief is available to me under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act? 

The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is a federal law that pertains to lemons. Under this Act, a consumer who purchases a defective product may be entitled to a free replacement product or a full refund if the manufacturer is unable to repair the product after a reasonable number of attempts. The consumer may also be entitled to money for attorney fees that arose from taking legal action under this Act.

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