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Lemon Law Claims

Understanding the Lemon Law Claim Process

Are you currently driving a lemon? This can be a difficult question to answer, and the response could be different depending on the state that you live in.

If you have consulted with an experienced lemon law lawyer and are certain that you do indeed have a lemon, then it is important that you take the necessary steps for recovering monetary compensation. This, however, is not a simple process and while there are options to go without legal counsel in some states, it is always advisable that you have aggressive legal assistance on your side.

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When you are seeking to prove that your car is indeed a lemon, you will need to have a thorough and comprehensive recording of every repair that you have undergone.

This should include:

  • Times
  • Dates
  • Costs
  • Who you talked to
  • And the time that it took

It can also include the emotional reaction that you had as this can often play a large role in the actual case. As these claim processes vary from state to state it, we highly encourage you to contact a lemon law attorney as soon as possible to begin building your case and fighting to help you secure your deserved rights.

Why Should You Hire a Lemon Law Lawyer?

When you are attempting to replace a lemon, it might appear to be a simple process. This, however, is unfortunately untrue. Due to the costs that manufacturers must absorb, many are unwilling to label a car a lemon and will work extremely close with dealers to prevent this. If you attempt to undergo this process without legal counsel, you place yourself at risk of being taken advantage of - do not let this happen.

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How Does It Work?

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  • We File Your Claim

    If we take your case, we will attempt to resolve the claim with the manufacturer for you.

  • We Don’t Take No for an Answer

    If the manufacturer refused to comply with its Lemon Law obligations, we will file suit to seek compensation for you.

  • Getting A Settlement

    If your case settles, all fees and costs will be paid by the manufacturer.

  • No Cost To You

    Regardless of the outcome, you are never responsible for paying our fees.

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