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Reversing the Sourness of Receiving Faulty Motorhomes and Trailers

Recreational vehicles provide a fun escape for wanderlust drivers ready for a trip. However, when the excitement of a new adventure is sullied by a defective vehicle, you’re left stuck at home with the frustration of having discovered your most recent large purchase is in some way broken.

The annoyance only grows if the vehicle continues to exhibit the same issues after multiple trips to the repair shop. Regardless of your state’s laws for recreational vehicle lemons such as motorhomes and trailers, federal lemon laws exist to protect clients under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

If your recreational vehicle is costing you time and money in excessive trips to the repair shop to fix the same manufacturing errors, call our attorneys to get the compensation or replacement you’re owed.

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What Is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act?

Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, better known as the federal lemon law, goods costing more than $25 that have a written warranty and are failing to perform to the expected standards after multiple failed repair attempts must either be replaced with a new, effective product or the consumer must be reimbursed for the purchase of the vehicle.

Our RV lemon law attorneys understand the frustration of repeated vehicle troubles, especially when the vehicle in question is new from the dealership.

Even if you didn’t purchase the vehicle to own, leases with warranties may also seek protection under the lemon law. With this federal statute, our lemon law attorneys can pursue claims for any vehicle with an expressed warranty, including:

  • Class A RVs
  • Class B RVs
  • Class C RVs
  • Travel trailers
  • Toy haulers
  • Fifth-wheel trailers
  • Truck campers

How RV Lemon Law Lawyers Can Help Clients Nationwide

If the warranty dictates that arbitration is necessary, our attorneys will be present to fight for your deserved outcome. If the warranty fails to mention arbitration, it is not a required process under federal lemon law. Our attorneys will then help you:

  • Gather documentation of repairs, costs, warranty, and all communication with the manufacturer
  • Provide counsel and help you pursue compensation from the federal lemon law and state lemon law if applicable in your case
  • Recover attorney fees

The National Lemon Law Center has helped over 19,000 customers redeem over $70,000,000 across the United States. If your recreational vehicle disappointingly revealed itself to be a lemon, contact us today to be put in touch with a lemon law lawyer.

Don’t wait any longer to receive the vehicle you expected. Contact our RV lemon law lawyers for help with your vehicle purchase anywhere in the United States.

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  • Getting A Settlement

    If your case settles, all fees and costs will be paid by the manufacturer.

  • No Cost To You

    Regardless of the outcome, you are never responsible for paying our fees.

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